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Artist Statement

I am a artist who makes handmade, old-fashioned cut and paste collage. I make this differentiation because so much work, on the internet, is composed digitally. All of my collages exist in scores of loose leaf binders and protected by plastic sheets. All of the works, with a few exceptions, are various sizes and pasted to 8 1/2 x 11 inch heavy paper. 


Although trained as a painter, I have moved towards collage in the last three years because of the immediacy of the work and how it appeals to my interest in using intuition and sychronicity to make my art. 


Most of the works are somewhat surreal and most are realistic. 

I like to use dark humor in my art. Some of my art mirrors events that have touched my life and others are purely imaginary. I think I'm a fairly serious person who has a somewhat skewed view of life and who doens't take herself too seriously. I don't like to over-intellectualize my work. Making these collages make me happy. It's as simple as that.