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I've been asked by several readers about the details of my weird moon dreams. Actually, I have had weird moon dreams, weird sun dreams, and weird star dreams. These dreams began in the early months of 1964. I remember the date because I had my first one of these dreams a few months after the assassination of John Kennedy. I also know that the first dream happened prior to the 1964 Easter Earthquake in Alaska. (I'll explain how I know this in detail below):


Sometime in January or early February of 1964 I dreamed that I was walking across our back door neighbors house on Barbara Street to our home on Dulse Street in Tyler. As I crossed Barbara Street and began to walk up the driveway of our backdoor neighbor, I looked at the eastern sky. In the dream it seemed to be near dusk. When I looked at the sky I saw a full moon hanging low in the eastern sky. Next to the full moon was a crescent moon which appeared right next to the full moon. I remember seeing this and feeling alarmed. Something was completely unnatural. I began to hurry across the driveway trying to reach our backyard. As I stood halfway across the neighbor's driveway, I looked at the sky again. There were odd clouds in the sky and I became very frightened. Just as I reached a stage of panic, I began to float up into the sky. The next thing I remember was dreaming that I was in our living room on Dulse and I was looking out the bay window onto the street. Suddenly, a long black limousine began slowly gliding down the street. Inside were a driver and a passenger dressed in burkas. The woman on the passenger side was holding a newborn baby. As the limousine passed I looked at the license plate and read the words " Al Fatah." 


I woke up from this strange dream drenched in sweat and scared out of my mind. I didn't tell my parents about the dream; probably because I thought they would think it was all nonsense and it seemed very real to me. I could not shake the fear this dream caused. The sidenote is that something in the dream  told me that the date when I saw the strange moons (in my dream) was Good Friday. 


You can imagine how nervous and shaken I became when Good Friday finally rolled around in real life. I was watching tv and heard the bulletin about Alaska earthquake. I was so scared and shaken that I ran outside to look at the sky and to make sure that the moon "was in the right spot." The moon was in the right spot, but the dream haunted me. It's been 52 years since I had that dream and I still remember it as if it was yesterday. 


In further dreams, that followed over the next few decades, I would dream of the full moon and the crescent moon many times. Sometimes the moon was blood red. Sometimes the stars began falling from the sky. Other times I dreamed of two suns in the sky. But, always, I was most shaken by dreams of two moons being in the sky at the same time. 


I have no more idea today what those dreams were all about than I did when I was 12 years old . I haven't had the dream in over 20 years now.